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You are unique
so is your health

Online & Auckland-based
holistic health clinic founded
by Lukas Nowicki.

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Your health is our shared passion

At the Holistic Health Corner, I’m dedicated to your unique well-being. My holistic healthcare services redefine traditional wellness approaches. Grounded in science, tailored to you, and free from spa-like trappings, I offer personalised solutions for specific health goals. I holistically guide you towards lasting health. With collaboration among healthcare professionals and adherence to German standards, I ensure top-quality care catered locally to New Zealanders and anyone from around the world. My commitment to pioneering expertise empowers you with the latest science-backed guidance. Join my inclusive community, where diverse health journeys thrive, inspiring wellness and belonging.



I am Lukas, the visionary behind the Holistic Health Corner. As an internationally trained health practitioner, I am deeply committed to blending scientific precision with holistic insights. My expertise encompasses evidence-based massage and movement therapy, along with transformative nutritional programs.

Currently, I am in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science in Chinese Medicine, which ensures that your journey to vitality is grounded in cutting-edge medical knowledge. With me by your side, you have a dedicated partner who is passionately invested in your well-being, equipped to guide you toward lasting health.